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Accounting Services for Homeowner Associations

Homeowner associations (HOAs) and property management companies provide structure, guidance, support, and help to maintain a clean and cohesive atmosphere in the neighborhood. At Summersgill CPA, we know that your focus is on your members and maintaining your properties. You likely have little time to manage complex back-office accounting, dues payments, assessments, budgets, and bookkeeping work. That’s where we come in—the accounting firm dedicated to serving homeowner associations and assisting property managers. We pride ourselves on a rapid response time and possessing the exceptional problem-solving skills needed to ensure all tasks are completed to the highest level. Beyond our unparalleled services, the key to our success is the care and compassion we put into every interaction with our clients.

From condos to homes, as well as boat slips, golf carts, vacation rentals, and more, we know how well-managed homeowner associations and property managers operate and all the factors that need to be considered to help you be more efficient and successful.  We apply this knowledge to help you achieve or surpass financial benchmarks as well as improve the operations, efficiency, profitability, and satisfaction of your associations. With us handling your accounting tasks, you can focus on what’s most important—taking care of the immediate needs of the property, beginning those long-awaited projects, and expanding your services and membership.

Let us handle the following for you:

  • Bookkeeping and payroll—We handle the books, including managing transaction classification and expense tracking…while also integrating payroll.  
  • Bill paying and invoicing—We take over daily bill paying and invoicing tasks, as well as monitor and manage your cash flow to keep your business financially healthy.
  • Business tax planning and preparation—Compliance is key! When you have experts planning, preparing and filing your tax returns, rest assured that you will always be compliant.
  • Reporting and advice—We provide deep insight into your numbers and key performance indicators throughout the year…helping you make informed, smart business decisions.